The fastest way to restore surfaces to their intended beauty. No Sanding, No Warping, No Rust and NO DUST.

From Commercial, Industrial, Marine Service, Automotive, Graffiti Removal, Coating Removal, Fire Hidrants, Service Rust Removal.

Blasting can be used to assist on a variety of concrete projects. A highly effective method of removing surface contaminants such paint, coating and sealant, Sandblasting is also the ideal surface preparation solution. The abrasive blasting process is applied to the concrete area to coarsen or texture the profile, allowing the application of protective coating to sufficiently bond to the surface.

Remove paint, primer, rust, and body filler in just one step. Water reduces friction and heat, which are normally responsible for warping. Adjust your pressure and media to go from blasting fiberglass to solid steel. Rust Inhibitor keeps the surface clean and free of flash rust for 72 hours.



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