Epoxy flooring makes concrete exceptionally durable, protecting the underlying concrete from moisture, stains, grease and cracks. Our flooring solutions are perfect for offices, restaurants, bars, retail stores, schools, hospitals and many more commercial businesses.

Our Solid Color Epoxy and Quartz Epoxy Flooring systems are very popular with industrial facilities due to their high-strength, durability, abrasion and chemical resistance qualities. Concrete sealers and concrete grinding are also very popular industrial services.

Blasting can be used to assist on a variety of concrete projects. A highly effective method of removing surface contaminants such paint, coating and sealant, Sandblasting is also the ideal surface preparation solution. The abrasive blasting process is applied to the concrete area to coarsen or texture the profile, allowing the application of protective coating to sufficiently bond to the surface.

Garage polyurea / epoxy flooring is our most popular service, followed closely by basement epoxy flooring. Indoor concrete surfaces benefit greatly from our concrete sealers. Our pricing is competitive and our results are exceptional.



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